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The Professional Handyman that serves Davis and Woodland 




Estella T.

As always Al is very friendly and knowledgeable and explains his work so that we understand what he did.  He is our go to maintenance handyman!

February 14, 2020

Teri S.

Competent, dependable and fair- that's Al.  Great at problem solving and never stops until the job is complete.  We would highly recommend him for any of your maintenance jobs.

Sep. 17, 2019

Kate B.

Outstanding experience.  Al is professional in every way.  Good communicator, good troubleshooter, good workmanship.  Couldn't be happier.

Jan. 8, 2020

Jim G.

My wife Robin and I hired Aldrete to help us with installing custom made iron gates at our home in Davis. This job was completed excellently. It required good communication, critical thinking, and the execution of a craftsman. We got those attributes and results from Al. We are very pleased. We will use him again and we recommend him for a project at your home or business! 

July 9, 2020



From installing closet shelves to hanging doors we offer a wide varity of capentry services.

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We can change your faucets, hook up you refridgerator's water supply, or even take care of that running toilet.


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We can help you with those faulty light switches, install ceiling fans, or change those hard to reach stairwell light bulbs. That is the easy stuff, we can help with the bigger jobs too.

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Pressure Washing

Need to get that deck ready for a big party?  Want to make your entryway more inviting?

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Aldrete Maintenance and Handyman Services is a company that strives to make sure the client is always well taken care of.  The horror stories of a Handyman coming into a home only to leave a job unfinished is what we aim to rescue you from.  We bring professionalism to the repair and maintenance industry.  When you have a scheduled appointment with us, we arrive on time and we don't leave until the job is finished.  You pay for the services we deliver on, as expected. We take pride in the quality of our work.  We are local, and we only serve the local areas of Woodland andDavis... our name is who we are.

Hourly or flat rate? We charge flat rates for all projects we take on.  This way you know exactly what your project will cost to complete.  We also will consult with you the different options there are to complete your project.  

Why use Aldrete Maintenance vs the other cheaper guys?

  • Professionalism 

    • Uniforms with logos​​

    • Clean cut

    • No use of inappropriate language

    • Trucks have company logo and information on them

    • Proposals and Invoices are on company letter head and come from company email accounts

    • Get notification of when we are on our way to you and when we are finished

    • Insured

    • Attention to the details

  • Prompt​

    • Text/email notifications of when we are on our way, when we start the project, if we need to pause the project and at time of project completion.

    • Proposals sent within 24 business hours

    • Text/email notification of job progress and completion

  • Safety​

    • Work areas are kept clean and safe​

    • We don't take risks with your home

    • If it is not up to code we won't leave it

    • No goofing off on job sites

    • Trip hazards are avoided.  When not possible they are clearly marked by safety cones or signifying way

    • Ground holes are covered and marked

  • Clean​

    • Job site is kept clean and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the project​

    • Drop cloths are used when appropriate

    • Prep work is done to insure a clean finish

  • Courteous​

    • We value your time and business​

    • Arrive promptly and get to work quickly so you can stay on track with your schedule

    • Respect your home and place of business

  • Knowledgeable​

    • We know what we are good at, and what we are not.  We stick to what we know.


Getting Started

Our Process

Thank you for giving Aldrete Maintenance the opportunity to earn your business.  We are different than most Maintenance and Repair companies.  What makes us different?  Our process.  We want to make sure that your experience with us is unlike any other company you have worked with and in a good way.  That means there are a few steps not normally taken by other companies.  We know you have choices you can go to anyone to get that leaky faucet repaired, but why would you?  

We would like to invite you to look around our website, see the work we do, click the links to our Facebook, Instagram and Google pages to see what others say about us.  Have a home inspection report?  You can send us the report via email and we can look it over for you. 

Once you have had a chance to look over our website, click on the "BOOK NOW" link to schedule a consultation appointment. 

While you are looking around our website, please think about what is important to you about your project? Quality of finished product? Professionalism of the technician doing the work? Safety? Cleanliness of the setup and cleanup? A company that stands behind its work and is available if problems arise?  Or is it getting the job done as quickly as possible for the least price possible?  If you answered yes to the last question, please don't take this wrong, but we are not going to be the right company for you.  We take pride in our work and that we have a company that will be around for many years to come.  

Projects we don't work on

As much as we would love to be able to take on every project that you have on your list, that just isn't feasible.  So we have listed on Our Services the types of projects we do, and there are a lot, but again, we know what our strengths are, and we prefer to stick to those.  So the types of projects we do not work on are:

  • Remodels: This is defined as any project that would be focus in one or more rooms that requires structural changes to walls or ceilings as well as any new plumbing or wiring from main supplies or panels. Any project that will exceed $500.00 including the cost of materials in accordance with CA state law.

  • Wall framing

  • Roof repairs

  • Pest control/abatement 

  • Siding repairs

  • Painting:  We do not do any painting or staining.  

  • Electrical Panel work: outside of resetting breakers at the panel we do not do any panel work, this should always be done by a licensed electrician.

  • Appliance repairs

  • Tile or grout work

  • Masonry or concrete work

  • New Plumbing waste or supply lines from the main.

  • Plumbing behind walls or surrounds

  • Snaking of drains further than 50 ft.

  • Drywall over 48inches by 96 inches.

  • Landscaping

  • Gutter installation or replacement/repairs

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Fence building

  • Moving furniture

  • Flooring

  • Skylight repairs

  • HVAC duct work

  • Structural repairs




From custom made doggie dish holders to deck repair and dry wall repair, we can help you with your carpentry needs.   Common calls received are for:

  • Wood framed door alignments

  • Pre-hung Door installation

  • Shelving

  • Baseboard repairs

  • Crown molding repairs 

  • Window treatment installation

  • Gate repair

  • Fence fixing

  • Picture Hanging

  • Door Repair

  • Drywall repair: walls and ceilings up to 4 ft diameter holes and ceilings up to 12 ft in height.

  • Shelving installation

  • Shelving

  • Bathroom Vanity installation

  • Cabinet repairs

  • Drawer repairs

  • Appliance installations: Ranges, Hood vents (with existing ventilation only), microwaves, and refrigerators

  • Trim of windows and doors

  • Finish Carpentry


Leaky faucet?  Clogged garbage disposal?  Need something installed?  Sure we can help! Here is a list of common calls:

  • Garbage disposal repair/installation

  • Running toilet repair

  • Swapping a toilet

  • Replace wax ring

  • Faucet repair/replace

  • Sink drain repairs/clogs

  • Re-caulking of tubs, sinks and counters

  • Appliance installations: Washers and dryers, electric and gas.

  • Irrigation repairs:

    • Sprinklers/ drip systems​

    • Sprinkler line repairs

    • Sprinkler valve repairs/replacement

Pressure washing


Light switches that sizzle? Outlets that don't work?  Have a ceiling fan that needs to be installed?  We can help with those, and we can help with the security system you want installed too!  Common calls received are for:

  • Ceiling fan replacements

  • Light fixture retrofits (LED)

  • Sockets (interior/exterior)

  • Switches (interior/exterior)

  • Install security cameras ("Ring" type devices)

  • TV Mounting and set up

  • Lamp repair

  • Replacing Thermostats

  • Change Lightbulbs

  • Light fixtures (interior/exterior)

  • Recessed lighting

  • Replacement of Bathroom Vent fans (must have exhaust already plumbed through roof or wall)

  • Replace wall oven

Getting ready for a party, that patio just not right?  We can help add the extra touch of class to your back yard, deck, patio, and driveway. 


This is Bear, our newest addition to our family.  Bear is a 13 month old black lab.  When the weather permits, he will accompany us in the truck and shop.