Why does your home need regular maintenance?

The walls are still up, there doesn't seem to be any loud annoying sounds coming from any of the appliances, everything MUST be okay then right?! 

Not necessarily.  It's actually a little scary how not maintaining our homes and appliances slowly starts to cost us more.  From higher utility bills to possible costly damage repairs.  

Some business devote entire departments to maintaining their property.  For good reason,  Real Estate on average has appreciated and held value more than most other assets in financial portfolios.  There is a lot money (just think about the percentage of your income goes to paying for and operating your property).  And then look at how often you take your car in for a time up.  The only problem is your home doesn't have a "check engine" light.

Sure you change the filter in the hall way once a quarter, but how often do you check all your water valves?  How about your gutters, or get up in the attic to see how the insulation is doing?  What about the burners of your furnace?  Have you ever seen what something as small as spiderswebhas  done to a furnace?  

Having a monthly service plan can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs, but can save you thousands in costly appliance repairs.  

So what special skills are needed?  Not much, more just the ability to get to the places where the appliances are and the time to walk through the processes of making sure air flow is unrestricted and that the electrical connections are good.

We believe anyone can do the work, but not everyone has the time or desire to it.  Aldrete Maintenance and Handyman Services is here to help you make sure the biggest asset you have is running at the most efficient levels for your money.  We have both residential and commercial service options.  If you don't have a maintenance department, let us be it.