Home staging best practices

Whether you are selling your home by yourself or have a Realtor working with you, here are some best practice ideas for staging your home to be sure your asset gets the best market price.

Curb Appeal:

The first thing people see isn't even the front door. Their eyes travel from the house numbers to the front curb to the top of the roof and back to the door. Everything they take in needs to say that this home has been well maintained. There are several things that can be done to help make this a reality. First is to make sure the that the house numbers are easy to see and read from a distance. Next be sure the landscaping is well manicured. Line the pathway from the sidewalk to the front door with pavers, bricks or low-voltage lighting. If there is a mailbox in front of your home, upgrade it, or at least freshen it up a bit with some paint. Speaking of paint, a fresh coat of paint on the house goes a long way to preserving the