How I became a Handyman

How does a guy who went to college to become a Marine Biologist end up with an Econ degree become a Handyman? I am sure that is a question my mother would like answer to. Actually my mother is one of my biggest supporters and best clients!

Well the real answer to this question is a long one. It all started with a wall back when I was teenager. And that wall somehow found itself with a hole in it. My Dad was non too pleased to find that hole. He promptly put me in the car and drove me down to the local hardware store and purchased the necessary materials needed and took me home. He then proceeded to tell me how to complete the repairs. My Dad always asked me to help him with little repairs around the house, so I learned how to do the odd jobs.

As I went off to college and looked for employment opportunities I landed a job working as a ranch hand mending fences and helping with building structures around the property.

I enjoyed the work and being outdoors. I ended up moving back to the town I grew up in after my dreams of diving in Figi as a Marine Biologist were dashed ( another story for another time). I ended up going to CSUS and getting a degree in Economics. I thought banking and finance would be a good way to make money. And it was. I made good money but wasn’t a fan of micromanagement. I left banking but sta