The Leaky Toilet Part 1of 4

Nothing wakes me up like the sound of my wife’s voice saying, “The dang toilet is running!”  Okay, it’s not like it sounds.  But outside of home invasion, my wife telling me that the toilet is running will get me out of bed pretty darn fast, because my wife is a beautiful person, who likes her sleep, and well happy wife, happy life.

So how do fix a leaky toilet?  Well that depends, on where the leak is coming from. Most leaky toilets I come across are do to the flapper that gets lifted up when you press the flush lever is no longer seating properly when it goes back down.  This can be a very frustrating problem because sometimes it seats right and other times it doesn’t, leading you to think you saved the day only to come back and taunt you.

Then there are the leaks that happen at the gasket between the tank and the bowl or at the bolts that connect the two together.  The gasket gets worn and then all of sudden you flush and there is water all over the floor and you don’t know where it came from!  Or in the case of the bolts, it is a slow drip that soon becomes a puddle of water.  

Then there is the supply line burst, this usually happens when you have gone out of town for a weekend.  No doubt just minutes after you backed out of the driveway so that the water would get maximum soakage in the walls and floors, and if it you live in a two story home, you can bet it will first happen upstairs and go through the first floor ceiling.  

As if that was the worst of it, you have the worst of the worst leaks that your throne can d