• Al Aldrete

The Leaky Toilet: Part 2

The Tank to bowl gasket: If you are seeing water on the floor in the general vicinity of the toilet, turn off the water as described earlier. If after you have turned off the water you find that water is still coming from the tank, but not necessarily all going to the bowl, you probably have a leak from the gasket or the bolts that connect the tank to the bowl. Again, if you are reading this in the middle of the night, shut off the water, drain the tank and mop up the mess and go back to bed, you’ll want to take care of this in the morning.

What you will need to complete this repair is a new gasket that matches the size of the hole in the tank and bowl (2 or 3 inch), and you’ll most likely want to get new bolts and washers. I suggest replacing these all at the same time because once you remove the tank from the bowl, getting old washers to be as water tight as they were before is difficult to do. Again, like with the flapper, signs that it is time to replace these rubber washers and gaskets are the wear and tear of them not being smooth around the edges. If they look like they have met up with a belt sander and they are leaking yet, they will soon. Also with the rubber washers, if when you touch them the water becomes black as if a squid had just released all the ink in its ink sac, it is a good time to replace them.