• Al Aldrete

The Leaky Toilet: Part 3 the supply line


The Supply line: So your supply line burst… again shut off the water. Dry things up and disconnect the supply line if you can. There are some supply lines that directly connected to the shut off valve. These were very popular in the 1960’s to 1990’s. Then someone came up with braided supply lines. There are pros and cons to both as with everything, but I like the braided supply lines, so whenever I come across them I end up changing them out because it just becomes much easier to work with in the future. So If you’re going to change the supply line I also feel it is a good idea to up date your shut off valve from a multi turn gate valve to a quarter turn ball valve. To do this you will need to shut off the water to the house unless you have the ability to isolate the flow of water to your bathroom or toilet. (if you have PEX piping in your house this is a real possibility, you just need to know where your manifold is, usually in the garage). Once you have the water to the house or isolated off, you can disconnect the shut off valve. There are two types of connections (most commonly used anyway), one that uses a compression fitting and the other is were your copper pipe is threaded. If you have PEX piping, you may still have a copper connection for the shut off valve so check before you continue on.