• Al Aldrete

The Leaky Toilet: Part 4


The toilet flange and wax ring: This is one of nightmares. You flush the toilet and water, at least you hope it is water starts oozing from underneath the toilet and out over the floor. The smell of sewage is potent in the air. These are both signs of issues with the wax ring and the toilet flange connection. A couple of things could have happened. The toilet was never seated properly or just as with all things, over time things start to sag and pull away. If this happens to you, and you need to replace the wax ring, I suggest if your toilet is over 5 years old and you never replaced any of the parts, this is going to be a good time to that because we are going to be taking the toilet apart anyway. Also, unless you just absolutely hate the toilet, replacing the wax ring doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire toilet. But it could just be me.

So again we will shut of the water either at the shut off in the bathroom or at the main. You will want to drain the tank into a bucket (but have a couple of the small sized ones near by and a lot of towels. Once you have the tank emptied, you can take off the bolts and take the tank completely off the toilet and set it aside or in the bath tub. Next if you have one of those big sponges you can get from the hardware store or the home centers for tiling, use that to soak up the water in the bowl. Strain it out into the sink or the bathtub. Once you have as much water out of the bowl as you can get, you’re ready to loosen the floor bolts. While you’re loosening the floor bolts check to see if your toilet has b